A sell-out special evening course in Abingdon with Matsue Sensei

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Published Friday, November 21, 2014
On Tuesday 18th November Can Do Martial Arts dojo in Abingdon, ran by Ben Richardson Sensei 3rd Dan, hosted a JKS England course with Hajime Matsue Sensei 5th Dan from the JKS Hombu dojo in Japan.

The sell out event was held at CDMA's full time dojo and comprised of two 1.5 hour sessions, one being for all grades and one being for dan grades only.

The event was superb with the highlight being a detailed examination of the kata Kankusho which is a speciality of Matsue Sensei.

This was the penultimate course for JKS England in 2014. The final event is the Christmas course in Nottingham on Saturday 13th December with Alan Campbell Sensei 6th Dan and Shinji Nagaki Sensei 5th Dan.

For this and all upcoming events in 2015 please check the events page here.