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(f) losses suffered by third parties.
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If you use multiple logins for the purpose of disrupting or annoying other users, you may have action taken against all your accounts.

Only people 16 years and over may create accounts.  If an under-16 requires an account in order to obtain a license to train it must be created by a responsible parent/guardian who will be assumed to give full consent for us to process the data entered for the intended purpose.

All accounts must be registered with a valid personal email address that you access regularly so that moderation emails can be sent to you. Accounts registered with someone else’s email address, or with temporary email addresses may be closed without notice. We may require users to re-validate their account if we believe they have been using an invalid email address.

JKS England reserves the right to close accounts if any user is seen to be using proxy IPs (Internet Protocol addresses) in order to attempt to hide the use of multiple JKS England accounts, or if a non-UK user pretends to be a UK user or disrupts any of our services in any way.

By sharing any contribution (including any text, photographs, graphics, video, or audio) with JKS England you agree to grant to JKS England, free of charge, permission to use the material in any way it wants (including modifying and adapting it for operational and editorial reasons) for JKS England services in any media worldwide (including on JKS England’s site accessed by international users). In certain circumstance JKS England may also share your contribution with trusted third parties.
JKS England reserves the right to delete any contribution, or take action against any JKS England account or login, at any time, for any reason.

This website enables members (or in the case of someone under 16, the parent or guardian) to manage and renew memberships.  If you do not wish to renew the membership you manage, you can cancel your membership using this website once you log in. For avoidance of doubt memberships that are not cancelled before the renewal date will be renewed and refunds will not be issued.

Training Disclaimer

While we have taken every effort to ensure all content on this website is correct, the Japan Karate Shotorenmei England (JKS England) cannot accept any responsibility for accident or injury caused through misinterpretation of its contents.

Karate is physically demanding and can be dangerous if done improperly. As a martial art and semi-contact sport, minor injuries (such as bruising or blisters) are inevitable and participants may expect to receive them from time to time during normal training. As with any programme of strenuous exercise, it is recommended that a person with any existing injury/illness, or in any doubt as to the risks, should consult their physician/doctor for advice before commencing training.
JKS England is committed to maintaining an extremely high level of training and to looking after the welfare of its members; however, the responsibility falls on the individual member to know their own limitations and to practice Karate responsibly.
Members are obliged to report any existing/new injuries and illnesses to their instructor or event administrator prior to training. Whilst JKS England and its instructors will ensure that all reasonable precautions to minimise the potential for injury are taken, they cannot be held liable for personal injury sustained by any member during training or competition.
You are urged to use this website for information purposes only and to seek regular training with a qualified instructor.
We also cannot accept responsibility for any valuables that are lost or stolen at any of the events organised by JKS England. Please keep any valuable items at home.

Image Capture

The policy of JKS England is that the rights of individuals and groups should not be jeopardised by any JKS England activity or event. JKS England further recognises its responsibilities towards children and young people.

Images may be captured during events organised and hosted by the JKS England using film photography, digital photography, video or other medium and may be used on the JKS England website, brochures, other publicity material (such as internal and external newsletters) and may be provided to the media for publication in local or national newspapers or educational or sporting magazines.

JKS England acknowledges its responsibilities in capturing images by photography or other means under the provisions of the following legislation such as The Children and Young Persons Act 1963; The Protection of Children Act 1978; The Human Rights Act 1998; and The Data Protection Act 1998.

In this context JKS England informs all persons taking part in JKS England activities and events that they may be photographed, filmed, videoed, or otherwise captured in image form.

Where possible and practical to do so, JKS England seeks written consent to image capture. Where this is not possible for practical reasons, unless express objections are received, individuals attending a JKS England event are deemed to have given their consent by attending or remaining at the event.

Any queries or complaints should be raised with the event host in the first instance.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information you provide will be held in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and used only for the reason specified at the point of collection, or at a later date providing that your additional consent is given.

Personal and contact information you submit on this website will be held in a database with access restricted by appropriate and physical and technical measures in line with the requirements of the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

From time to time, we may send you information about JKS England. We will not sell, licence, or trade your personal details to any third party. However, in certain circumstances, JKS England may share your contribution to the website with trusted third parties.

In line with UK GDPR law,  if you require your data to be erased you can contact us using the details on our contact us page of this site and we will process your request in the time scales stipulated by the ICO. 

JKS England Insurance Details
The insurance provided is underwritten by Allianz
Significant Features and Benefits 
This section insures your legal liability to pay compensation to members of the public, or club or association members, if they are injured or their property is damaged as a result of an accident caused by you or your products, or your employees or members while acting on your behalf.

Limit of Indemnity – as selected by you up to £10m. The amount relates to:
• One claim or series of claims arising out of one occurrence.
• All claims any one period of insurance arising out of products supplied.
• All claims any one period of insurance for pollution or contamination.

Territorial Limits
• Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
• Any other member country of the EU.
• Elsewhere in the world in respect of activities of partners, directors, employees, or members normally resident in Great Britain, Northern Island, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands but temporarily on a journey or visit in connection with club or association activities.

Legal and other Costs and Expenses
Cover is provided for the above in connection with the defence of any valid claim, including your representation at any coroner’s inquest, fatal accident enquiry or certain criminal proceedings.
Health and Safety at Work – Legal Defence Costs 
Covers legal defence costs arising out of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Court Attendance Compensation
Covers attendance as a witness in connection with a claim:
• Director/partner £500 for each days attendance.
• Employee £250 for each days attendance.

Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Cover extends to include legal costs and expenses incurred with our consent and costs of the prosecution against you in connection with the defence of any criminal proceedings brought under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 in respect of any fatal injury. Cover is limited to £5M or the amount stated in the policy schedule whichever is the lower.

Cloakroom Liability
Covers legal liability in respect of members or visitors property in a cloakroom at the premises, if the cloakroom is locked or an attendant is on duty:
£150 per person.
£1,000 in total in the period of insurance.

Car Park Liability
Covers legal liability in respect of members or visitors vehicles at the premises car park, and vehicle contents if lost with such.
£2,500 per vehicle
£10,000 in total in the period of insurance

Member to Member Liability
Covers each club or association member or official as though each individual was separately named in this section.
The total Limit of Indemnity available to all parties is not increased.

Significant Exclusions and Limitations
• Injury to any employee
• Loss of or damage to property belonging to you or in your charge or control except premises occupied by you for temporary work.
• Liability for loss or damage to goods sold, supplied, delivered, installed, or erected or the cost of recalling or refunding a defective product or replacing, repairing or reinstating faulty work.
• Liability arising out of ownership, possession or use of any mechanically propelled vehicle or attached trailer where motor insurance is required by law (other than for loading/unloading) or any watercraft or aircraft.
• Liability arising out of error or omission in any advice, design, formula, specification, inspection, certification, or testing performed for a fee.
• In respect of injury, loss or damage arising from products:
– Liability which attaches solely under the terms of an agreement.
– Installed or incorporated in aircraft or spacecraft.
– Claims made in any country outside the European Union if you have premises or representation in that country.
• Injury, loss, or damage arising from products exported to the USA or Canada.
• Any liability in respect of pollution or contamination:
– In the USA or Canada.
– Elsewhere unless due to a sudden, identifiable, unintended, and unexpected incident.
• Fines, penalties or liquidated, aggravated, punitive or exemplary damages.
• The excess shown in the schedule.
• Use of weapons unless specified in the schedule.
• Professional sportspersons (except coaches, instructors, or others in an official capacity).
• The organisation of tournaments involving another party not named as the Insured unless specified in the schedule and an additional premium paid.
• Liability caused by or arising from exposure to asbestos.

Terrorism Cover
Cover for acts of Terrorism is limited to £5M or the amount stated in the policy schedule whichever is the lower.

Communicable Disease
Liability in respect of any Injury, loss or Damage and associated Costs or Expenses directly or indirectly caused by, or consisting of, arising out of, attributable to, or contributed to by: a Communicable Disease, the fear or threat of a Communicable Disease or the presence or suspected presence of Pathogens in or on Products.

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