Hoole Martial Arts Karate School join JKS England

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Published Friday, April 26, 2019

JKS England are extremely proud to announce that Hoole Martial Arts Karate School, based in Chester, Cheshire have joined the federation.

Hoole Martial Arts Karate School is run by club instructor Paul McAvoy 1st Dan. Hoole Karate School is a small club that has been established to promote traditional shotokan karate values and high technical skills among kyu grades.

Paul has practised karate since 1980, with his formative training taking place under the watchful eye of his father Andy in Northern Ireland. He has graded under chief instructor Tommy McGrane Sensei of the KUI, Enoeda Sensei (KUGB) and Kawasoe Sensei (ITKF). He started teaching karate in 1990 at Strathclyde University for the university karate team and has been teaching and training ever since. In his time Paul has trained under many of the leading British and Japanese Sensei and enjoys bringing the new drills that he learns in his own training into his classes.

As a qualified sports therapist with a particular interest in movement mechanics, Paul has a particular focus in helping people to maximise their karate potential. He does this by helping them move more efficiently through the development of strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

His day job has given him a keen understanding of the generally poor hip strength and mobility exhibited by many modern westerners that makes their progress in the martial arts particularly difficult. In order to tackle this, his classes incorporate a wide variety of drills, mostly taken from karate, but also from a wide range of disparate sports and disciplines (these range from ice hockey and judo, through physiotherapy and gymnastics to tai chi and sumo wrestling!).

The club is now looking forward to a bright future in the JKS and all it has to offer.

JKS England would like to welcome Paul and all the members of JKS Chester Hoole Dojo (as it will be now) to our federation and we look forward to working together in the future.