Amazing success for JKS England squad

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By SC / NH
Published Tuesday, September 3, 2019

After a hard two days of competition we finished 2nd in the medal table, very narrowly pipped to first place by Japan.

This was a race to the top spit that went down to the very last event. It was a superb effort that the whole association can be proud of.

In a weekend full of superb performances, special mention must go to Isabella Wilkes who was Grand Champion in the Female 12-13 Yrs category, winning both Kata and Kumite. Isabella also took Silver in the Koten Kata for her age group.

The Squad took a total of 15 Golds, 8 Silver and 5 Bronze medal positions. An amazing effort.

The 6th JKS International Cup is scheduled for Brazil in 2021 so plenty of competitive motivation for JKS England members

Congratulations to all medalists:

Louis Johnson - Male Kata Junior 16-17Yrs
Harry Hardcastle - Male Kumite Junior 16-17Yrs +68Kg
Kennedy Lambourne - Male Kumite Junior 16-17Yrs -68Kg
Amy Tegetmeier - Female Kumite Junior 16-17Yrs -53Kg
Louis Powell - Male Kata Cadet 14-15Yrs
Henry Pegge - Male Kumite Cadet 14-15Yrs +63Kg
Molly Austin-Hogsden - Female Kumite Cadet 14-15Yrs -54Kg
Isabella Wilkes - Female Kata 12-13Yrs
Isabella Wilkes - Female Kumite 12-13Yrs Open
Cody Gedge - Male Kumite 12-13Yrs Open
Harry Hardcastle, Joe Hird, Henry Pegge - Male Team Kumite 14-16Yrs
Molly Austin-Hogsden, Grace Baron, Abby Fielding - Female Team Kata 14-16Yrs
Louis Johnson, Cameron Panday, Louis Powell - Male Team Kata 14-16Yrs
Chris Brown, Cody Gedge, Ellis Pindoria-Stott - Male Team Kumite 11-13Yrs
Thomas Elmore, Joshua Meade, Ellis Pindoria-Stott - Male Team Kata 11-13Yrs

Remigijus Jurgilaitis - Male Kumite Senior 21-39Yrs -75Kg
Charlotte Haxby - Female Kumite U21 18-20Yrs +61Kg
Lori-Ann Moran - Female Kumite Junior 16-17Yrs -53Kg
Cameron Panday - Male Kata Cadet 14-15Yrs
Luanna Roque Henriques - Female Kumite Cadet 14-15Yrs +54Kg
Sam Peacock - Male Kumite Cadet 14-15Yrs +63Kg
Ynno Angeles - Male Kumite Cadet 14-15Yrs -63Kg
Isabella Wilkes - Koten Kata Mixed 8-12Yrs

Tom Little - Male Kumite Senior 21-39Yrs -75Kg
Scarlett Beckett - Female Kumite Senior 21-39Yrs +61Kg
Sharif Ebrahimi - Male Kata Veterans 40-49Yrs
Grace Baron - Female Kata Cadet 14-15Yrs
Ellis Pindoria-Stott - Male Kata 12-13Yrs