JKS Grading Syllabus


The Grading Syllabus

All members of the JKS follow the JKS grading syllabus.

Grades go from 10th Kyu (White Belt) to 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) before reaching Black Belt (1st Dan) and beyond.


All gradings below black belt are usually undertaken at the members' clubs under the guidance of a grading examiner.

Black belt gradings are taken at Black Belt grading events run by the JKS.

Black Belts Registered in Japan

All Black Belts awarded by JKS England are registered in Japan.

Optional Junior Grade Syllabus

The JKS also has a junior grade syllabus. This is designed for young children and goes from 13th to 10th kyu.

For full reference of what is required for each grade, please see the pages opposite.

Kyu Gradings

Dan Gradings