2018 Team Training & Tournament Schedule

Below is the schedule for 2018.

Team members are expected to compete in 10-12 competitions per year, and attend the training sessions.

JKS England Members and supporters not in the squad are encouraged to come along to the competitions to support the JKS England Team.

Training Schedule

Sunday 21st January
Kumite and Kata training Plus 2018 Squad Selections in Leeds

Tournament Schedule

National Event - Saturday & Sunday 14th & 15th April
EKF National Championships in Leicester

National Event - Saturday & Sunday 26th & 27th May
BKF Home Nations in Leicester

International Event - Friday, Saturday & Sunday 14th-16th September
JKS World Championships, Canada
Selected Squad members only

National Event - Sunday 18th November
JKS England Nationals in Nottingham
Enter via your own club