Inspiring Course with Paolo Bolaffio in Nottingham

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Published Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Paolo Sensei
with course host
Alan Campbell 6th Dan JKS

On Saturday 7th June and Sunday 8th June JKS England were proud to host Paolo Bolaffio Sensei, 9th Dan from Italy. Paolo Sensei heads Makotokai, an international organisation with representatives in 15 countries, including Japan.

Having trained with Shirai Sensei since the age of 8, he has gone on to train extensively in Okinawa and China and has brought his unique insights to his classes. He is often regarded as the hidden gem of European karate.

Paolo Sensei "warming up"

This was the first time Paolo Sensei had taught in England and it was an event eagerly anticipated by many senior karateka in England.

There were two sessions held each day and over the course of the weekend Paolo Sensei shared some of his vast knowledge of karate as well as displaying a very unique teaching style which was very enjoyable.

The focus throughout the weekend was on rooted, flowing, flexible, thoughtful & relaxed karate and participants were even treated to the Makotokai kata Genten.

Post course feedback from the course has been fantastic. Many thanks go to Paolo Sensei and his Senior students for coming to England and teaching.

Course Participants Saturday 7th June
Course Participants Sunday 8th June