Superb day for the squad in Cumbria

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Published Tuesday, June 12, 2018

JKS England had 57 Squad members compete at the Cumbrian Open, which was held in Penrith on Sunday 10th June.

Following on from the success at the BKF Home Nations, the Squad once again had a day packed with good results. 

James Harrison and Jessica Maitland both came away with 3 Golds in Individual and Pairs Kata events.  Perhaps the most exciting results of the day came towards the end when Charlotte Haxby won the Senior Female Kumite event with the winning point came in the very last second of the match.  Charlotte, who is only 17, had also taken Silver in the Junior Female Kumite for 16-17 Year Olds.

The Squad is next in action at the Central England Open in Worcester in July.


Charlotte Haxby - Senior Female Kumite
Matthew Yardy - Senior Male Kata
Joe Hird - Cadet Male Kumite +58Kg
Jessica Maitland - Girls Kata 13-15 Yrs
James Harrison - Boys Kata 13-15 Yrs
Ellis Pindoria-Stott - Boys Kata 10-12 Yrs
Sharif Ebrahimi - Veteran Kata
James Harrison & Jessica Maitland - Senior Pairs Kata
Joe Hird, Harry Hardcastle & Kennedy Lambourne - Boys Team Kumite 13-15 Yrs
James Harrison & Jessica Maitland - Pairs Kata 13-15 Yrs
Thomas Elmore & Isabella Wilkes - Pairs Kata 10-12 Yrs

Tom Little - Senior Male Kumite
Charlotte Haxby - Junior Female Kumite 16-17 Yrs
John Gough - Boys Kata 13-15 Yrs
Grace Baron - Girls Kata 13-15 Yrs
Isabella Wilkes - Girls Kata 10-12 Yrs
Tom Little, Remi Jurgilaitis & David Lister - Senior Male Team Kumite
Amelia Stanley, Grace Baron & Jessica Maitland - Senior Team Kata
Rowan Reeve & John Gough - Senior Pairs Kata
Jenna Banks & Emma Hemminger - Cadet Team Kata
Grace Baron & Molly Austin-Hogsden - Pairs Kata 13-15 Yrs
Zak Thomas-Blackhurst & Ellis Pindoria-Stott - Pairs Kata 10-12 Yrs

James Harrison - Senior Male Kata
Rowan Reeve - Senior Male Kata
Lori-Ann Moran - Senior Female Kata
Kennedy Lambourne - Cadet Male Kumite +58Kg
Jenna Banks - Girls Kata 13-15 Yrs
Harry Hardcastle - Boys Kata 13-15 Yrs
Ella Pitt - Girls Kata 10-12 Yrs
Maisie Redgrave - Girls Kata 10-12 Yrs
Thomas Elmore - Boys Kata 10-12 Yrs
Cody Gedge - Boys Kata 10-12 Yrs
Ron Matthews - Veteran Male Kumite
Freddie Grice, Callum Hulse & Ron Matthews - Senior Male Team Kumite
Rowan Reeve, Sam Jackson & John Gough - Senior Team Kata
Sam Jackson & Lori-Ann Moran - Senior Pairs Kata
Matthew Affleck & Louis Johnson - Pairs Kata 13-15 Yrs
Amy Tegetmeier, Grace Baron & Georjeana Harrison - Girls Team Kumite 14-15 Yrs
Molly Austin-Hogsden, Georgie Dyal & Emily Harper - Girls Team Kumite 12-13 Yrs
Zak Thomas-Blackhurst,  Ellis Pindoria-Stott & Oliver Scott - Boys Team Kumite 10-11 Yrs