Black and Brown Belt Training a big success

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Published Friday, April 13, 2018

The latest JKS England Black and Brown belt training was held on Sunday 8th April in Nottingham.

The training was with Head of JKS England, Alan Campbell 7th Dan and the Chief Instructor of Red Tiger Karate club, Manchester Paul Wolstencroft who is a JKS 5th Dan.

The event was very well attended with participants gathering from all parts of England as well as a contingent from JKS Wales.

Training was split between Kyu grades and Dan grades with Alan Sensei and Paul Sensei alternating doing one-hour sessions each.  Alan Sensei led the Kyu grades in the first session with Paul Sensei leading the Dan grades.

In the first Dan session Paul Sensei focussed on a number of superb conditioning drills moving onto tube training exercises.  He then moved onto cover the kata Kankusho.  Throughout the session Paul's personality shone through.  In JKS England we are extremely lucky to have dojo instructors such as Paul Sensei who are so adept and passionate about training and teaching karate.

Paul Sensei then moved onto the second session pushing the kyu grades hard while the Dan grades were treated to an excellent session with Alan Sensei.  Alan Sensei’s session started with a relaxed kumite drill built around a simple Kizami tsuki/Gyaku tsuki combination.  This was then built up into partner work with the added dimension of distance and timing training before moving onto the next level with a similar exercise in teams of three.  Final additional kicks and sweep techniques were added which made for some really useful drills.

The Session ended with one of Alan Sensei's favourite Koten Kata - Hachimon. Superb!

Following the course was a Dan grading. Congratulations to the following successful candidates.


Christopher Brown – Leeds Karate Academy

Robert Clarke – JKS Wales

Finlay Clayton – Leeds Karate Academy

Ben Hayward – JKS York

Colin Holyoak – Can Do Martial Arts

Kieran Morris – JKS York

Aggie Orthodoxou – Walsall Karate Dojo

David Pearson – Walsall Karate Dojo

Ethan Porter – TKF

Oliver Rhodes – JKS York

Harry Wilkes – Walsall Karate Dojo


Richard Mitchell – Leeds Karate Academy

Ean Pabinguit – Walsall Karate Dojo