York course review

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Published Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sunday 17th February saw JKS England members gather in in York for the JKS England annual February course and grading in York featuring the Head of JKS England, Alan Campbell Sensei 7th Dan and Senior JKS England instructor Steve Carless Sensei 6th Dan.
The day started early with lower kyu grades sessions before culminating in 4 hours of brown and black belt karate in the afternoon.

The sessions were split between Alan Sensei and Steve Sensei covering all aspects of shotokan karate including a detailed study of katas Jion and Junro Yondan during the course of the day which was a huge success.

Following the course was a Dan grading. Congratulations to the following successful candidates.


Mustafa Al-Amood - Leeds Karate Academy
Ali Al Zubaidi - Leeds Karate Academy
Paul Broadberry - Haxby Karate Club
Ben Chase - Kaizen No-Michi
Callum Sandell - TKF
Jack Summerley - Can Do Martial Arts
Aiden Usher - York Shotokan
Toby Winn - York Shotokan


Karanjeet Basran - Walsall Karate Dojo
Tristan Green - TKF
Idris Jones - JKS Loughborough
Cameron Panday - TKF
Luke Stringer - Kaizen No-Michi